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A Guide to Pursuing a Career as a Level 7 Arts Therapist Apprentice

So, you’re considering an arts therapy apprenticeship? Great choice! It’s a fulfilling journey, helping people express themselves through art. This guide is your ticket to understanding the arts therapist apprenticeship, helping you navigate this profession with ease. Let’s dive in!

Understanding the Arts Therapist Role:

Arts therapy is about using creativity to heal. As an apprentice, you’ll guide people through their emotions with art, creating a cosy studio vibe.

Arts Therapy Image
Source: 2016 Collection of Cathy Malchiodi, PhD

Education and Training:

You’ll need an arts therapy degree, but it’s not solely about textbooks! Immersive hands-on experience will effectively strengthen and expand your creative skills and insights, preparing you for real-world applications in the field of arts therapy. Get more info at

Skills and Qualities to Gain:

Empathy, communication, emotional intelligence, cultural competence and passion are key and necessary skills needed in this career. These skills help to create a supportive environment for clients to express themselves authentically. Also, don’t forget to unleash your creativity. Join us at for exclusive skill workshops.

Ethical and Professional Practices: Remember, with great power comes great responsibility! As an arts therapist, you’ll be required to respect boundaries and uniqueness. Spread good vibes and maintain professionalism, handling sensitive matters with care. Explore more about the ethics behind of art therapy in this PDF document: Ethics of Art Therapy

an art therapist looking over a young person doing art in a collaborative setting

Creator: monkeybusinessimages | Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Riding the Career Wave:

Once you’ve aced the arts therapy apprenticeship, the world is your oyster! You can work in schools, hospitals, or even start your own arts therapy gig. The sky’s the limit! Just remember to keep learning and growing. Share your growth with all your peers on X (formerly known as Twitter) and tagging us @ApprenticeshipTips. Wouldn’t want you to hide all your successes!

In a Nutshell, Becoming an arts therapist isn’t just a job—it’s a chance to brighten lives with art. Get ready for a colourful journey—one masterpiece at a time! Stay updated at for more tips and opportunities.

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