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Are you an individual with an invested passion for making a positive impact on your local community? Can you picture a future where your career involves offering crucial advice, guidance, and interventions to better lives and reduce risks? If so, you’ve stumbled upon the perfect opportunity that is tailored for individuals like yourself. Read on to learn about our Level 3 Community Safety Advisor Apprenticeship!

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The Role: Creating Safer Communities

Envision yourself playing a crucial role in your local community, providing life-improving advice and interventions to address various risks such as fire, falls, crime, and challenging living circumstances. Imagine this: you collaborate with a higher respected organisation such as the emergency services, NHS, and local authorities, working in diverse environments that range from the comfort of homes to the energetic atmosphere of educational centres, public buildings and events.

In this role, you will become a representative of positive change, working tirelessly to form safer communities. Your work will contribute to the well-being of other, creating a ripple effect that resonates throughout the community. You won’t just an advisor; you will be a catalyst for positive transformation.

Your Impact: From Awareness to Action

Your daily responsibilities will involve you embarking on a journey to visit vulnerable individuals, identifying potential hazards, assessing risks, and implementing safety measures. But it doesn’t stop there. You will develop into a vital educator, enlightening the community on crucial topics such as road safety, anti-social behaviour and fire safety. Your role extends beyond individual interactions, you will collaborate with partner agencies, actively participate in community events, and engage with various sectors to ensure a thorough approach to community safety.

Visualize yourself as a keystone, connecting various elements together to create a cohesive and robust community. Your impact extends beyond immediate interventions, adopting a culture of awareness and proactive safety measures.

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Your Journey: Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviours

To embark on this fulfilling career, we’ve set a standard that reflects our commitment to excellence. We ask that candidates achieve Level 2 in English and Maths before the End-point assessment. Throughout the apprenticeship, you will delve deep into the intricate web of community demographics, cultural sensitivities, vulnerability factors, and risk management procedures.

Your journey is not just about gaining knowledge, it’s a life-changing process. Your skill set will expand to encompass the art of delivering risk reduction advice, fitting safety equipment, assessing risks with precision, engaging in impactful collaboration, and mastering the skill of communication. As you progress, you will not only become proficient in your technical skills, but also develop a profound understanding of the human aspect of community safety.

Your Professional Code: Diversity, Integrity, and Resilience

Our apprenticeship program places a deep focus on values that are the pillars of a community-focused professional. We are looking for individuals committed to promoting diversity, maintaining professional integrity, and demonstrating personal resilience. It’s not just about ticking boxes, it’s about embodying these values in every action and decision.

As you immerse yourself in the apprenticeship, the values will become embedded in your professional code. You will not only adhere to these principles but actively contribute to a workplace culture that values diversity, upholds integrity, and thrives on resilience.

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Beyond Apprenticeship: Avenues for Progression

Upon successful completion of the apprenticeship. Doors will open to diverse career paths, allowing you to explore roles in protective services. Like the Police or Fire and Rescue Services. But, your journey doesn’t end there. Picture yourself contributing to other community focused organisations., applying the skills and insights gained during your apprenticeship to effect positive change.


In conclusion, our Level 3 Community Safety Advisor Apprenticeship is not just a career path but a transformative journey. For individuals dedicated to making a positive impact on their local communities. If this aligns with your future goals, seize the opportunity to join us on this rewarding journey as an Apprentice Community Safety Advisor. Apply today and become an integral part of a profession that truly makes a difference. Your commitment today shapes safer communities for tomorrow!

Note: The apprenticeship standard undergoes regular reviews every three years. This ensures that you, as a community safety professional, stay at the forefront of evolving practices, continuously adapting to the dynamic needs of our communities.

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