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Level 2 – Mineral and construction product sampling and testing operations

Level 2 - Mineral and construction product sampling and testing operations

Unsure on what to do this summer? Don’t want to go the typical college or university route that’s unpaid and doesn’t add to work experience? Well why not try an apprenticeship, you get paid while you learn, building work experience along with a certification.

With the use of Apprenticeship Tips, we can build your skill set and your personal Curriculum Vitae during the summer before the academic year to ensure your ready for the working world.

Why not try our, Level 2 – Mineral and construction product sampling and testing operations, the job role consists of sampling products and detailing what you have discovered about the product to ensure they meet consumer specifications and expectations. This can consist of materials being concrete, cement, mortar, asphalt, road building, high speed rail products, precast and pre-stressed concrete. You would be working In a variety of subsectors, consisting of mining, quarrying, construction, road building, waste and recycling operations. Due to product failure being dangerous to consumers and constructers, high quality checks, enforced by expert knowledge and detail orientation Is required.

Apprenticeship admission for 2023, with an enroll now button that links to the website.
Skill sets required:
  • Collect and sample products at source and/or on customer site.
  • Analyse and report research findings In writing, In accordance with BSEN standards.
  • Describe ways on how to upgrade a product based on research of material and production process
  • Accurately use specialist equipment In order to grade products and materials. Use compression and flexural testing equipment In order to measure strength, use nuclear density, thermocouples for temperature, slump and spread measurement equipment and methods for chemical analysis In order to check product quality, workability and consistency.
  • Create reports on quality measures and list Key performance Indicators.
  • Control raw material constituents by ensuring they are safely used and stored.
  • Use your knowledge In order to find ways to produce less waste and highlight the use of recycling
  • Identify Issues with sampling and testing equipment and create steps to resolve them.

Apprenticeship applications start during August and our website lists all the preparations, making you confident In applying for apprenticeships and more likely to guaranteeing an apprenticeship slot.

Why are apprenticeships great? Well, you get hands on experience with practical training as well as getting a certification or degree. You are paid for your effort.

Opportunities within apprenticeships, apprenticeships are great ways to network and build your relationship within the career. Apprenticeships are great way to kick start your career and get your step In the work Industry.

Entry Criteria:
  • Apprentices without level 1 English and Maths will need to acquire this level and/or take the test for level 2 English and Maths before taking the end-point assessment.
  • The English and maths minimum requirement Entry Is Level 3
  • The British Sign Language qualification Is an alternative to the English qualification for whom this Is their primary language.

Qualifications, your qualifications are worth the same as If you were doing them In an educational Institution however you are getting paid and able to see your certification first hand, In practical’s. Apprenticeships also don’t have the long delay of applying for job roles once your certified, you can just Immediately start working within the Industry as soon as your apprenticeships completed, you will then be hired as a permanent member of staff.

Qualification received from course:

  • MPQC Level 2 Certificate In Laboratory and Associated Technical Activities for Mineral Products Operations
Review Date:

Will be after three years.

What’s also great about apprenticeships Is that you are not limited to one, once your apprenticeship Is over If you want to advance on the education ladder or simply acquire more experience In different work Industries that Is completely possible. You can gain multiple certifications and degrees without the worry of student debt and In addition to this you can add all this experience onto your curriculum vitae giving you an excellent work profile.

What’s stopping you from applying today? Not sure on how to apply? Not sure on how to seem professional or how to approach an Interview? Well, that’s why we have Apprentice Tips, In order to build preparation skills and advice on how to gain your apprenticeship spot!

Everyone can be an apprentice with the right professional skills and research, and we provide those skills.

Apprentice Tips holds many apprenticeships, a L3 apprenticeship in infrastructure, L4 software tester apprenticeship, L4 data analyst and many more. If L2 mineral and construction product sampling and testing operations, doesn’t seem best suited to you, please have a look at what else we have to offer.

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