Promoting Apprenticeships in the UK  

Welcome to The Apprenticeship Network

Welcome to The Apprenticeship Network

The Apprenticeship Network aims to connect anyone who’s interested in apprenticeships in the UK. 

We’re committed to helping you share ideas and experiences to build a network of people who want to promote apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships are nothing without apprentices and we want to provide a platform for apprentices and others involved in apprenticeships to connect and communicate.

Who can contribute?

  • Apprentices 
  • Employers
  • Training providers
  • Skills coaches
  • Anyone else that would like to promote apprenticeships on the apprenticeship network

Some ideas on what you could post

One thing that we ask is for anyone signing up as an author on the site is to use it in a positive and responsible manner. It is fine to promote your own offerings. We do ask that external links are kept to a minimum so that the key purpose of any articles is to provide valuable content on this site to help promote apprenticeships!

Apprentices can use the site to share their experience at their employer or to provide information about their apprenticeship. This might help someone else that is considering doing an apprenticeship to start a career in this field. Some examples of posts that may be useful could be:

  • My experience working as a Digital Marketer Apprentice at Company X
  • 5 tips to succeed as a Data Analyst Apprentice
  • How to find a Level 2 – Junior estate agent apprenticeship in London

Employers can promote their apprenticeship programmes or offer advice and guidance to anyone looking for an apprenticeship programme. It would be great to get some employer case studies on how apprentices have helped improve their business.

Training Providers can use the site to provide information about their apprenticeship programmes. This might include details of current roles or how to apply for apprenticeships.

Skills Coaches could use the site to provide advice and guidance on understanding the technical aspects of any apprentice that they support apprentices on. An example of this type of post could be:

  • How to provide customer service using social media on the Digital Marketer Apprenticeship
  • UCT Apprenticeship – Selecting diagnostic tools to monitor and test network performance

Anyone else that wishes to provide valuable information on apprenticeship can register as an author or use our forum. We reserve the right to remove any and all content.

Get involved in promoting apprenticeships

If you’re interested in sharing experiences or providing information on apprenticeships, please get in touch and we can get you registered on the site.

Let’s all get working together to help apprenticeships, employers and apprentices boost the UK economy again!

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